• The Detox Bible - Date, cacao & cashew nut energy balls

    Cacao & cashew nut energy balls

    For a healthy energy boost or to satisfy your sweet tooth the nutritious way, try cacao and cashew nut energy balls. Quick and easy to make, this nutrient-packed snack is perfect for keeping you from dipping into the biscuit tin…

  • Health benefits of pumpkins

    Health benefits of pumpkin

    Packed with protein, fibre, potassium and vitamins, pumpkin is the superfood of the autumn season. So before you bin it, take a look at the Detox Bible’s guide to just some of the health benefits that this colourful vegetable can…

  • Have a healthy Halloween

    Halloween: Trick or healthy treat?

    Halloween is a time for spooky frights and sweet delights, but what if you want to keep your creepy celebrations clean? With a little planning, it’s possible to have a healthy Halloween for all the family – without any meltdowns…