• The Detox bible - Water recipes for cleansing

    Water recipes to cleanse your body

    Water is essential for the body to function and it goes without saying, that it's the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, but what if you’re bored of glugging down endless plain water? Check out some of our favourite water recipes...

  • The Detox Bible - What it means to live clean

    What it means to live clean

    Ask someone if they think they’re clean and the first reaction that you’re likely to get is a defensive run-down of their personal hygiene habits. We take a great deal of care to make sure that we look and feel…

  • The Detox Bible - Top tips for daily detox

    Top tips for daily detox

    You don’t need to embark on a drastic fasting plan to detox your body. A few good habits incorporated into a healthy lifestyle can help you to achieve amazing results. Here at the Detox Bible, we’ve explored some of the…

  • The Detox Bible - The dangers of weight loss fads

    The danger of weight loss fads

    If you were to believe all that you see and hear on the TV and internet, you could achieve a beautiful, lean and healthy body in just a matter of weeks. But do these quick-fix plans really bring true health…

  • The Detox Bible - Health benefits of smoothies

    Are smoothies healthy?

    Smoothies are a popular health choice for many of us, but do we really know what benefits they can bring? Before going any further, it's worth pointing out that we're not talking about shop-bought smoothies here...

  • All you need to know before you detox
    Body,  Inspiration

    All you need to know before you detox

    A detox helps not only shifts stubborn weight, it also helps us to retune ourselves with the needs of our bodies and cleanse our body of toxins that build up during everyday life. What exactly do we mean by ‘toxins’?…

  • Eating whole foods for a full body detox

    Eating whole foods for a full body detox

    Think carefully back to the last time that you felt really awake and refreshed. How long ago was it? Many people think about that question and blink when they realise how long its really been since they really felt whole…

  • Mind

    Spices for the best body detox

    Through the basic function of living, our bodies go through a lot of wear and tear, and one of the things that will really affect the way that we function and the way that we move forward is the presence…

  • How to make detox friendly meals
    Body,  Mind

    How to make detox friendly meals

    You do not have to have a special body detox recipe book in order to enjoy the benefits of a body detox. In fact, you can use your favourite recipes to make your own body detox recipe book. The first…