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    Visualisation: The power of the mind

    Everything begins in the mind. Everything. What we do, who we are (or think we are), the way we behave, our aspirations and motivations… Our entire state of existence starts in our own thoughts. Visualisation is a powerful way to…

  • The Detox Bible - Is being busy a state of mind

    Is being busy a state of mind?

    If you’re taking just a few precious moments out of a hectic day to read this, you’re probably thinking that being busy simply isn’t a choice. Many of us spend our lives running from one thing to the next –…

  • The Detox Bible - What it means to live clean

    What it means to live clean

    Ask someone if they think they’re clean and the first reaction that you’re likely to get is a defensive run-down of their personal hygiene habits. We take a great deal of care to make sure that we look and feel…

  • The Detox Bible - Healthy eating on a budget

    Healthy eating on a budget

    Committing to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean emptying your purse at the local health food store to pay for extortionately priced organic health foods. Healthy eating can be done on a tight budget with a bit of extra planning.…

  • Making lifestyle changes last

    Making lifestyle changes last in 2020

    New Year’s resolutions are a great way to refocus your life and set goals for the coming year to bring the lifestyle changes that you long for. But as daily life returns to normal after the festive period, all too often…

  • Have a healthy Halloween

    Halloween: Trick or healthy treat?

    Halloween is a time for spooky frights and sweet delights, but what if you want to keep your creepy celebrations clean? With a little planning, it’s possible to have a healthy Halloween for all the family – without any meltdowns…