All you need to know before you detox
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All you need to know before you detox

All you need to know before you detoxA detox helps not only shifts stubborn weight, it also helps us to retune ourselves with the needs of our bodies and cleanse our body of toxins that build up during everyday life.

What exactly do we mean by ‘toxins’? Well, as we go about our daily lives, our body has to work hard to remove unwanted chemicals from our bodies. When you eat or drink processed food, alcohol, refined sugar and bad fats, your body eventually becomes overloaded with toxins. And it’s these toxins that hinder weight loss and leave you feeling sluggish.

A detox can help to remove these harmful substances from your body, allowing your body to work at its best and giving you a renewed sense of vitality. Not only will it help you to shed excess pounds, it will also leave you feeling and looking well.

Although this all may sound easy, the process of detoxifying your body should never be taken lightly and there are some precautions that you should keep in mind before you begin.

1. Be prepared for some unpleasant side effects
As the toxins that your body has been storing are released, you may experience headaches, fatigue and skin problems but this is normal and these side effects won’t last long.

2. Plan your detox
Make sure that you choose to detox when you can give wholehearted commitment. If you have a lot going on in your life, it may be best to reschedule your detox to a time when you are able to remain focused.

3. Rest when you need to
Try to take it easy during your detox as you reconnect with your body and allow yourself to focus on cleansing your body. It may help to take a few days off work during your detox to avoid every day temptations that may disrupt your detox. Take the time out that you need.

4. Work the toxins out
As you detox, you will feel tired and possibly a little out of sorts however light exercise or active rest, such as walking, swimming or yoga, can help to speed up the detoxification process and enhance your feeling of wellbeing.

5. Detox sensibly
Research your chosen plan well and don’t fall for fad diet plans that promote rapid weight loss and may not always enhance or protect your health. A detox plan doesn’t mean starving yourself or eating a single vegetable for a fortnight. Love your body and choose a plan that’s healthy.

6. Always consult your doctor
Before embarking on any detox or weight loss plan, always consult your doctor first.

Never stop taking any medication that you are taking as part of your detox and do not start a detox plan if you are unwell or suffering from any major diseases such as heart disease or cancer.

A good detox plan will avoid refined sugar, dairy products, starchy foods, foods with preservatives and certain cereals. Water, vegetables, some fruits, good sources of protein and green teas are likely to be the basis of  your diet.

It doesn’t have to be boring and you’ll probably find that you enjoy your detox. To create clean, nutritious meals for your detox, take a look at the Detox Bible’s ideas and inspiration.

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