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    Visualisation: The power of the mind

    Everything begins in the mind. What we do, who we are (or think we are), the way we behave, our aspirations and motivations. Visualisation is a powerful technique that allows us to harness the power of the mind by using positive mental images to shape our reality. Here are some simple tips to start visualising your way to greater happiness...

  • Taking a break from stress over a hot drink

    Top tips to reduce stress

    Stress is essential to our experience as a human being. It’s the driving force that helps us to meet challenges and accomplish our goals, but left unsupervised, this unruly wild child will quite literally come to dominate your life...

  • Breathing your way to inner calm

    Breathing your way to inner calm

    Breathing is vital to our existence as a human being. From our very first breath after birth, being able to breathe is essential in helping us, quite simply, to stay alive and live another day. In and out, over and…

  • Lockdown self love

    Lockdown self love

    The last year has taken us all beyond the realms of what we ever thought possible. It’s been a time that has absolutely challenged our mental health. But while we have all faced the same pandemic, our mental battles have…

  • The Detox bible - Water recipes for cleansing

    Water recipes to cleanse your body

    Water is essential for the body to function and it goes without saying, that it's the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, but what if you’re bored of glugging down endless plain water? Check out some of our favourite water recipes...

  • The Detox Bible - Is being busy a state of mind

    Is being busy a state of mind?

    If you’re taking just a few precious moments out of a hectic day to read this, you’re probably thinking that being busy simply isn’t a choice. Many of us spend our lives running from one thing to the next –…

  • The Detox Bible - What it means to live clean

    What it means to live clean

    Ask someone if they think they’re clean and the first reaction that you’re likely to get is a defensive run-down of their personal hygiene habits. We take a great deal of care to make sure that we look and feel…

  • The Detox Bible - Clean & colourful curries

    Clean & colourful curries

    Bring a rainbow of colour to your diet with a clean and colourful curry. Unlike many restaurant, takeaway and ready-made curries, making your own curry with fresh, natural ingredients can bring many health benefits. Simple and easy to make, your…

  • The Detox Bible - Top tips for daily detox

    Top tips for daily detox

    You don’t need to embark on a drastic fasting plan to detox your body. A few good habits incorporated into a healthy lifestyle can help you to achieve amazing results. Here at the Detox Bible, we’ve explored some of the…

  • The Detox Bible - How much sleep is enough?

    How much sleep is enough?

    A good night’s sleep is as important as an essential vitamin, according to research carried out by the University of Surrey. Many of us understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise but what about decent night’s sleep?

  • The Detox Bible - Foods to fire your metabolism

    Foods to fire your metabolism

    What we eat can have a significant impact on our bodies. Here are some of the best fire-starting foods to give your metabolism a kick start and help you achieve or maintain your ideal body more easily...